25 Jan 2 Views of Accra

Glover’s Lorry Station

It’s a scene Glover has explored consistently – the bustle at Accra lorry stations. The lorries with their crazy signs and graffiti – a raucous, moving display panel for goods and wacky ideas; the passengers getting on, getting off, always moving.  As with many of his themes, he finds order and rhythm in the seemingly chaotic.

This piece is different though, he has melded two ideas he has often explored separately – the trees and the lorry stations – to create a sense of nature as a powerful, dominant force in our lives.


Legacy Streets

Mills has explored his Legacy series for a while now. This is his fifth oil on canvas in that series. The legacy artworks explore the charm of the old streets of Accra – the old building, the wooden windows, the quaint gates and walkways.

He explores his subject with affection and compassion. The houses might be old and somewhat rundown, but they are sunny, warm and appealing. They feel like home.

You can see both artworks and other new artworks here.