It’s independence day and we’re celebrating the independence era artists in our Art we love section – artists like Abayomi Barber,  Ben Enwonwu and Bruce Onobrakpeya who worked around the independence period and helped define today’s contemporary art through their creativity, diligence and pioneering work.

There are sculpture and paintings by Abayomi Barber including ‘Dr. Sugomu’, his tale about vanity and sloth – traits we probably should avoid as a country. 

There are Onobrakpeya artworks like ‘Lament’. In ‘Lament’ Onobrakpeya ponders the huge toll of the civil war – mother’s mourning their sons who went off to war, never to be seen again.

There’s also ‘Playtime’ his take on sixties era Zaria with its interesting architecture and happy ambiance.

Happy Independence Day. The years ahead may not be ‘Playtime’ but hopefully we will continue to grow and prosper.

P.S The artworks in our art we love section are artworks that have passed through the gallery at some point. Many may now be in private collections.