Hourglass Gallery will be presenting 150 Sketches by the artist, Duke Asidere. There will also be a presentation of a book of the sketches compiled by Dozie Igweze.

In 2004, Asidere moved to Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwuashi-uku , to lecture in their art department. He had previously lectured at Auchi Polytechnic between 1990 and 1995 with the likes of Sam Ovraiti and Ben Osaghae before moving to Lagos to paint full time.

The art department at Delta State Polytechnic was still new and they desperately needed a visual arts lecturer. He agreed to work there for a short period of time. He had been painting in Lagos for a while and was in the middle of a difficult period in his life emotionally. The job offered the chance to be of service, but it also offered the chance to reflect and heal.

He created the sketches for the exhibition in the course of his two years in the school. This process of creation was a way to unburden himself, regain his sanity and renew his spirit. The lines of the pencil led him through the maze of his confusion and, sometimes, to the truths he sought.

He sketched the Asaba expressway, the inner roads of Asaba, Ogwuashi-uku and Ubulu-Unor; the people he met in his perambulations; the models in his art classes; and his students.

These sketches are not preambles to bigger artworks, they are fully-formed artworks, created for the purpose of capturing evanescent moments and quickly rendering emotional states.

The Exhibition will also feature 10 canvases by the artist done between 1991 and 2006.

The exhibition opens 30th March at 4 pm and runs till April 6th.

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