<span>Kofi Agorsor</span>

Kofi Agorsor was born in the Volta region of Ghana in 1970. He had an early inclination for the spiritual, practicing as a traditional priest’s assistant in his early years. This sense of the spiritual seeps into his art, his canvases express the everyday as metaphysical. Love, well-being, joy, affection, music, friendship, happenstance are constantly occurring decimals in his art. His canvasses brim with life and a strong belief in the human spirit.

Agorsor studied at the Ankle College of Art, Accra, Ghana, graduating in 1993. He has since then practiced his art in Accra while exhibiting the world over. He is also a musician, part of an Afro-Jazz band. His interest in music provides another dimension to his art and has become a bounteous source of material and catalyst for his art, enabling him explore harmony, rhythm and balance.

His musical audience has also been an important part of his art. He has as keen an interest in them as they have in him, exploring their interaction with him and his music and transforming them from audience to models.

He continues to paint in Accra. And sculpt. And sing. And connect with what he sees as an infinite, undefinable human goodness.




Sunny side up – Kofi Agorsor’s abstract canvases


Lost in Accra with Kofi Agorsor