<span>Michael Soi</span>

Michael Soi expresses his truths through satire. He has a keen eye for the social nuances that define relationships in societies. His artworks explore politics, the living conditions in Kenya, the evolution of China as a dominant force in Africa.

Born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1972, his creative skills were developed from childhood under the tutelage of his father, Ancient Soi, a Kenyan artist of note. In 1996, Soi began his career as an artist after completing his studies at the Creative Arts Center in Nairobi and has continually refined his visual and artistic language over the years.

Soi’s artworks express his views about African society, mostly centred around Kenya. His recent paintings, “China Loves Africa” scrutinize China’s involvement in Africa, the role of African leaders in this neo-colonization and its long-term effects.

His work has been collected by the Casoria museum of contemporary art in Napoli, Italy, the Standard chartered bank (UK) and a variety of institutions worldwide.

He currently lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya.