Nii T. Mills

Nii T. Mills was born in 1963 in Jamestown, Ghana. After completing his art degree in 1987 at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, Mills joined his alma mater as an assistant lecturer in fine arts. He stayed on till 1898 when he returned to Accra to take on full-time studio practice.

Many of Mills’s artworks are implemented using oil on canvas. His art is often anthropological, exploring the evolution of the Accra landscape and people, and how previous cultural ideas have a bearing on contemporary events. He attempts to present his subjects with a sense of fantasy, creating intrigue while exploring a variety of themes from the present and the past – the evolution of castles around Accra from places of protection to cultural relics for example.

Mills has also worked with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation on set design projects. He is still based in Accra and is active in projects to create the right framework for artistic growth for young Ghanaian artists.