<span>Ousmane Ndiaye Dago</span>

Ousmane Ndiaye Dago was born in Senegal in 1951. He received his diploma from the National Institute of Fine Arts of Senegal (1973 – 1976) and studied at the Royal Academy of Antwerp in 1981.

Dago explores photography, painting and graphic design in his art. He is best known for his series of ‘Earth Women’ photographic artworks. These artworks are part photography, choreography and an ode to mother earth. To create these artworks Dago first creates a stage, covers the young women in white mud, then creates the composition he desires, before photographing.

The idea of covering the women in mud was borne out of what the artist considered the necessity of adapting to creating what might be deemed sensual art in a predominantly Muslim country.

Dago lives and works in Dakar.