Tony Enebeli

Tony Enebeli is one of Nigeria’s most prominent artists. He was born in Delta State in 1958.

His main media are cast and metal foil. With these unusual media he has been able to create a distinctive style. His works capture scenes from his native Anioma area in Delta state as well as other parts of Nigeria.

According to Enebeli, his art is a bridge between old Nigeria and new Nigeria, bringing forgotten traditions, ceremonies, and cultures to light. While his themes and ideas are anchored in the past, his execution is bold and unusual.

Enebeli joined Bruce Onobrakpeya’s studio in 1985 as an apprentice. He worked with Onobrakpeya for many years before setting up his own studio in 1990.

He decided at an early stage to explore Nigerian tradition and has continued to bring the joy and magic of these festivals to a new audience.

The more he explores, he says, the more he finds that looking back is usually the best way to look forward.