22 Aug Babatunde and Agose

Bunmi Babatunde and Patrick Agose are both master sculptors at the universal studio in Lagos.

Babatunde has exhibited extensively and is well-known in art circles for his graceful sculptures. His sculptures have evolved over the years from the early, elegant sculptures that presented his forms as ideas rooted in African sculptural tradition and influenced by the modernist ideas of sculptors like Enwonwu and Emokpae.

His recent sculptures transcend a specific Nigerian cultural location to present wider human ideas and themes. Some of the sculptures still profess something of the origin of the sculptor, but most simply explore human conditions and emotions. His expressions are about ideas that transcend cultures and are common across borders. His swirling, intermingling forms express ideas about life, adaptation, and strength.

Babatunde and Agose Hourglass Gallery
Patrick Agose, Revelation, Wood, 67″ by 13″ by 8″, 2018.

Agose has gone under the radar to a large extent. He has worked for many years in wood and bronze and has influenced a variety of artists. He has worked consistently for decades creating the sort of art that attracts the admiration and respect of fellow artists.

His most recent artwork, ‘Revelation’ presents his mastery of wood and form. He knows when to imprint his ideas on the wood and when to let the wood speak for itself. This balance of intention and retention has helped him create multi-layered stories in his sculptures.

In, ‘Revelation’ he creates a semi-abstract sculpture that reads as elegant, mysterious, and imposing all at once. His genius with this as with some of his best sculptures, is to start the story and then leave the viewer to finish the story.