Our February Hang-Up – Love and eternity

It is February, as some would say, the month of love. So we thought we’d set up our February Hang-ups with that in mind.

We’re not necessarily focussing on romantic love (not that we have anything against it). We’re looking at all the glorious ramifications of love.

We have several artwork on the love of mothers for their offspring.

There’s Nsikak Essien’s ‘Mother and Child’, Duke Asidere’s ‘Motherhood and commitment’, Abayomi Barber’s sketch for ‘Pam bo to riboto’, Ablade Glover’s, ‘Mother again’ and Muraina Oyelami’s ‘Mother and child’.

There are some artworks on the adventure of love. There is ‘Love’ by Ola Balogun and ‘Partners in love’ by Kofi Agorsor. We also have Agorsor’s take on love in the market place ‘I still have your love’ and ‘Pleased to meet you’.

Duke Asidere’s ‘New bride’ celebrates love and hope. While his ‘Seated queens’ is a paean to the wonderful women that raised him.

We also have a number of lovely pieces by the young Ghanaian artist, Maxwell Boadi, dealing with affection and union.

There’s ‘Equilibrium’ by Sam Ovraiti. It’s an artwork about self-love – finding the right balance between the external and internal world – being present and at peace.

There’s ‘Evolution’ by Joe Amenechi – hair-making as a metaphor for love, togetherness and growth.

Then there’s ‘Journey and guides’ by Abayomi Barber – a story about timeless love. It’s a water colour about a man on his journey and the spirit and wisdom of his forbears that guide him – a simple story though about love through generations.

Have a great February.