25 Mar Fresh – Gani Odutokun

Gani Odutokun worked and exhibited, mainly, in the eighties and early nineties. He studied art at Ahmadu Bello University and went on to lecture there. He was at the forefront of a new generation of post-independence artists.

He was intellectual, bold and curious – rooted in a philosophical approach, while constantly evolving.

His artworks were glorious. They were bold, expressive, lyrical – all flowing lines, wicked colours and movement.

He died far too young, but he’s left us with a generation of artists inspired by his fearlessness.

He’s also left us with a collection of artworks – some exploring his fascination with the intersection of chance and design. Others, large, sumptuous pieces with flowing, swirling movement. And others, like this gouache, ‘The Siege’, lyrical in a thoughtful, meditative way.

‘The Siege’, like many of his gouache paintings is incredibly fluid and elegant. And it feels as fresh today as it was in 1988.