18 Feb Glover’s Sketches

It’s hard to imagine how Ablade Glover’s energetic, almost aggressive attacks on his canvas might translate to paper. Many of the elements of his art  –  the layering of colour, the chaos of paint, the fluid inter-connection between colours  –  seem to suggest that his art is suited for oil, rather than pencil, or charcoal or water colour.

In 1993, he decided to experiment with some charcoal artworks on paper. The experiment didn’t last for too long. He probably didn’t feel quite the same freedom with charcoal as he felt with oil. But the experiment lasted long enough to create a few artworks. Most of them were never seen by many of his collectors.

A few of these drawings survived. We have the pleasure of having three of them at the gallery. You can stop by to have a look or visit our  Recent Art  section for these and other new artworks.