11 Aug Horse riders, elegant figures, lorry stations and a preacher

Ben Enwonwu was a sculptor. Period. Well, also a painter. But his genius was as a sculptor. In his painting he certainly applied his skill, intelligence, and philosophy to create era defining artworks. But in his sculptures, he brought a bit more. He brought all these things and the spirit, wisdom and vitality of his ancestors. His sculptures were a mix of his past, his present and the future.

He drew from traditions of wood carving. His sculptures came from a place of intellect and learning, but also from a place of spirituality and instinctive wisdom.

Abiodun Olaku continues to be the torchbearer for a style of art that seduces by exposing the beauty of the normal. He uses his eye for detail to seduce us with the enchantment of mood and colour. He adds his magic to everything – from the dust soaring above the horses’ hoofs to the shimmering light of Lagos streets at night.

Ato Delaquis is noted for his market scenes that mimic street art to create a linear yet haphazard view of African markets. He has explored many other themes over the years including this take on the American painting, American Gothic. His version ‘African Gothik, explores tradition, development and religion.